Main activities are as follows

Our Import Activities are concentrated on being an indenting house for imports of various types of Food Grains, Ferro Chemicals, Induction Furnace, Security Product, Power Sector Products, Garments Accessories, Logistics Supplies and Defense Equipments/Spare Parts. 

Our strength lies with representation of reputed SUPPLIERS / MANUFACTURERS from various parts of the world such as:
Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Netherland, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, UK and USA

Food Grains :


Rice, Wheat

Sugar, Tea

Milk Powder

Chick-Pea, Soybean

Edible Oils, Mustard, etc.

Ferro Chemicals :


Industrial Chemicals,

Organic, Inorganic,

Petrochemicals, Solvents,

Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials,

Dyes Intermediates, etc.


Induction Furnace :


M.S. Ingot, M.S. Billets, M.S. Deformed Bar,

HMS 1 & 2, Shredded Scrap,

LMS, Sponge Iron, Processing Grading Rod,

Plain Bar, Angel, Z-bar etc. in various sizes & capacities.


Security Product :


Security Paper, Gum Paper, Intaglio Ink,

CCTV, other surveillance equipments/panel,

Meter Seal for Electrical, Water and Gas supply Companies

Power Sector Product :


Generator, Solar Home System, Photovoltaic Module, Solar Panel and Battery, Florescent Lamp, Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Fuse Cutout, Insulator, Surge Arrester, XLPE Cable, Voltage Regulator, Electronic Meter and Electrical Pole

Garments Accessories :


Poly (Film) Products, Poly (Inj) Products,

Ribbon Products (Narrow fabrics),

Tape Products, Thread Products,

PVC Products, Plastics Products,

Paper Products, Zipper,

Pure Wool Yarn, Polyester Yarn,

Fabric, etc

Logistics Supplies :


Wooden Electricity Poles

Railway Slippers etc

Defense Equipments / Spare Parts :


Mobile Command Units, Tent Field Hospital,

Spare Parts for Radio Stations and GSM Communication Systems,

Armoured Personnel Carrier,

Pontoon Trailer, Inflatable Boats,

Ground Surveillance Radar,

Soldier's Backpack, Parachutes, etc